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Using the onlySettings property in a content type

The onlySetting property indicates that a content type is meant for settings only.

You can use this attribute for content types that do not require storefront content, such as SEO pages.

Image 1Image 2
Image 1 - Content type with onlySettings and with one tab for settings: SEO.Image 2 - Content type without onlySettings and with two tabs: Sections and SEO.

This property ensures the content type page displays only the available settings without the Sections tab. Follow the steps below to use the onlySettings property for your desired content type.


  1. Go to the store repository and access CMS > content-types.json.
  2. Choose a content type and set the onlySettings property as true. For example:
"id": "SEO",
"name": "Global SEO Settings",
"onlySettings": true,
"configurationSchemaSets": [
"name": "SEO",
"configurations": [
  1. Sync your changes in the CMS folder by running the following command:
vtex cms sync

After syncing your changes, go to your store Admin and select Storefront > Headless CMS. Then, navigate to the content type to which the property was added and check if the only tab displayed is the settings tab.

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