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Using the isSingleton property in a content type

The isSingleton property helps keep consistency in a content type by ensuring that only one page of a particular content type exists in the Headless CMS. For example, implementing this property in a Home Page content type prevents the creation of multiple pages of the same content type and ensures that any updates to the Home Page layout are reflected on one page.


Follow the steps below to add the isSingleton property to the store.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to the store repository and access CMS > content-types.json.
  2. Choose a content type and set the isSingleton property as true. For example:
"id": "home",
"name": "Home Page",
"configurationSchemaSets": [],
"isSingleton": true
  1. Sync your changes in the CMS folder by running the following command:
vtex cms sync

Once you've synced your changes, go to your store Admin and select Storefront > Headless CMS. Here, you can:

Check the content type

Access Headless CMS and search for the content type to which you added the isSingleton property, such as a Home Page. You will notice that you cannot duplicate the content, only change its status to Publish, Draft, or Unpublish.

Create the content type

Access Headless CMS, select CREATE NEW, and choose the content type to which you added the isSingleton property.

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