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· One min read

The Base Store (Next.js) starter now supports instant VTEX Headless CMS previews.

Use the Preview option while writing a draft on VTEX Headless CMS to preview content changes immediately and whenever you want.

CMS Preview

What needs to be done?

These changes are available in Base Store (Next.js) version 22.38.3 or greater. If you have already started a FastStore project with the Base Store (Next.js) starter, remember to keep it up to date with its latest version.

Also, notice that __next_preview_data cookies are set on the browser whenever you generate a CMS preview. Hence, after using the VTEX Headless CMS, make sure to clear the cookies from your browser so you can see your production website once again.

Clear cookies

· One min read

We’ve recently launched VTEX Headless CMS 1.x. For this new version to properly work, the Releases app must be installed and configured on the VTEX account.

What has changed?

Besides notable new features, such as the non-blocking Publishing Flow, this update makes the VTEX Headless CMS strictly dependent on the Releases app.

Why did we make these changes?

Gradually, Releases should become the single place in the VTEX platform to look into any changes that might affect published stores. VTEX Headless CMS moves in sync with this roadmap by requiring Releases integration in its latest version. This both reduces the complexity of our Publishing Flow implementation, facilitating debugging and improving stability, and also makes sure we’re future-ready with how the VTEX platform is moving.

What needs to be done?

Developers must upgrade to VTEX Headless CMS 1.x and configure the Releases app as described in this guide.

· 2 min read

Following the next successful push to your store's repository default branch, the VTEX Headless CMS preview available at https://gatsby-preview-vtex-sites--<your-account-here> will require users to authenticate to VTEX.

In order to access the preview, users will need to have access to the domain of that specific account. This can be done either through the build environment variable GATSBY_STORE_ID in the vtex.env file, or the api.storeId entry exported by the store.config.js configuration file.

What has changed?

Previously, CMS previews were published to public URLs by default. Now, they are private by default, requiring authentication to VTEX.

Why did we make these changes?

CMS previews may contain sales promotions and product launches that are not yet available to the general public. This change aims to prevent unauthorized access to such content while also making the platform more secure.

What needs to be done?

Every CMS preview is now private by default. However, to be able to log in and view the private previews, you must install the vtex.faststore-auth app in your account. To do this, run the following command:

vtex install vtex.faststore-auth

If, for any reason, you need your CMS previews to be accessed by the public or third-party solutions, you may disable authentication by adding USE_CMS_PREVIEW_AUTH=false to your repository's vtex.env file.