🎉 We are thrilled to introduce FastStore v2. If you are looking for documentation of the previous version of FastStore, please refer to FastStore v1.

How to preview Headless CMS changes in development mode

To make local tests, you can use the dev mode of the Headless CMS to see a preview of your changes.


While this guide is applicable to other frontend projects within the Headless CMS, the use case for this guide is for FastStore projects.

  1. After making changes to your FastStore project directory and syncing them with the Headless CMS, access the VTEX Admin and navigate to Storefront > Headless CMS.
  2. Ensure you are in your FastStore project and the server is running.
  3. Open the Developer Tool or right-click on the page and choose Inspect.
  4. In the Developer Tool terminal, run the following command:
localStorage.setItem('cmsDevMode', 1)
  1. Refresh the page and you should see the section Development Mode in the right sidebar.


  1. Click on Preview. A new tab will open; copy the link from this tab containing the contentType, documentId and versionId. The link should be similar to the following:
  1. Now, access the preview link locally and change the parameters accordingly:

Ensure you replace <contentType>, <DOCUMENT_ID>, and <VERSION_ID> with the actual values from your preview link.

Given the previous example, the local preview link should be the following:

localhost:3000/api/preview/?contentType= page&documentId=bd9e01d6-534e-4e54-aa76-f864dcbad024&versionId=405118e9-7509-11ed-83ab-0eeee363631w
  1. Once you have reviewed your changes, terminate the development mode by accessing the Headless CMS page you've changed. Open the terminal in the Developer Tools and run the following:
  1. Refresh the page and the development mode session is now ended.