🎉 We are thrilled to introduce FastStore v2. If you are looking for documentation of the previous version of FastStore, please refer to FastStore v1.

Go-live overview


This documentation is currently under development.

In a headless architecture, an ecommerce website relies on the seamless collaboration of various modules. FastStore specializes in the frontend aspect, enabling the development of high-performance user interfaces for ecommerce websites. However, to create a complete digital commerce experience, multiple core modules must be integrated. At VTEX, some of these modules are:

CheckoutReceives the shopper's information necessary to process an order.
OrderPlacedHandles the processing of customer orders. It displays a successful message right after the checkout process is completed.
LoginHandles user login in a store.
MyAccountAllows customers to manage their orders and personal data (e.g., profile information, password, addresses, and credit cards) on a single page.
VTEX Intelligent SearchProvides autocomplete and displays relevant results based on the store catalog.

Therefore, to provide shoppers with a full checkout and post-purchase experience, you, as a developer, must guarantee the integration between your FastStore project and VTEX solutions before going live.

To ensure that you have set up all configurations for your store to run smoothly please consider the following go-live checklist.


To get a complete overview of the go-live process for any VTEX store, see this Go-live guide (opens in a new tab).

Go-live checklist

Storefront developement

  • Ensure that your account edition is set to vtex.edition-store@5.x Edition app in your master workspace.
    Agency and VTEX SupportIf your account uses a different Edition App version, open a support ticket requesting the installation of the vtex.edition-store@5.x.
  • Deploy your project using the FastStore Onboarding app.
    AgencyFastStore Onboarding
  • Set up and develop your Storefront.
    AgencySetting up the project

VTEX integration

  • Set up your VTEX environment and install all the necessary apps.
  • Configure your website's domain and subdomain.
    Agency and VTEX SupportConfiguring external DNS for a custom domain
  • Integrate the VTEX Login with your FastStore project.
    Agency and VTEX SupportIntegrating the VTEX Login
  • Adjust the header by replacing the links to the Checkout and MyAccount pages with the proper paths.
    Agency and VTEX SupportIntegrating the VTEX Checkout
  • Clone, edit, and install the faststore-vtex-integrations app on your VTEX account.
    Agency and VTEX SupportIntegrating the VTEX Order Placed and My Account
  • Test your website links to pages being rendered in the secure subdomain, such as the Login, Checkout, My Account, and Order Placed pages.

    Management: Agency

Headless customization

  • Set up the preview flow between the storefront and the Headless CMS
    AgencyHeadless CMS

SSL Configuration

  • Check if all pages of your store have the correct SSL certificate configured.

    Management: Agency

Testing and performance

  • Run Lighthouse audits on your store's pages to guarantee you are going live with great performance

    Management: Agency

    • - Run Lighthouse audits on your store's Home Page, Product Listing Page (PLP), Product Details Page (PDP), and custom pages.
    • - All pages must have Lighthouse Score equal or more than 60 on mobile devices.
    • - Any publication will be automatically blocked by the system until all checks pass.
  • If you already have a live store, configure traffic splitting to validate which version of your website is the best for your business needs.

    Management: VTEX Support


  • Make sure that all analytics events and data are accurately being send to Google Analytics.
    AgencyComing soon!


Before starting the go-live process, make sure that you have met all the necessary prerequisites listed on the Before you start page.