🎉 We are thrilled to introduce FastStore v2. If you are looking for documentation of the previous version of FastStore, please refer to FastStore v1.



This documentation is currently under development.


Content Type

The nature of pages created via the VTEX Headless CMS. A Landing Page, a Product Listing Page (PLP), and a Product Detail Page (PDP) are a few examples of different Content Types.


Design tokens

Design elements that define the behavior and appearance of components in a store. There are two types: global tokens (opens in a new tab), which control system-wide interactions, and local tokens, which customize individual components. By configuring both types, consistent visual styles can be maintained while allowing for customization at different levels.


FastStore Onboarding

The app that simplifies the initial setup of your FastStore project. With this app, you can easily configure essential store settings such as Catalog, CMS integration, and SEO tags.

FastStore CLI

The Command Line Interface (CLI) for initializing, building and developing FastStore projects.



A Static Site Generator created by Vercel for developing React-based web applications server-side rendering and generating static websites.



A method to modify a component's props or replace a native component with a customized version to achieve the desired behavior or functionality.



React components that wrap up other components, facilitating the creation of cohesive and functional content for your storefront. For example, the Hero section. In the context of the Headless CMS, sections are predefined and customizable content structures. They act as building blocks that can be populated with content, such as text, images, and media, allowing users to publish content more user-friendly and standardized. Integrating sections with a CMS streamlines the content creation process and ensures a consistent look and feel across different pages or sections of the storefront.

Static Site Generator (SSG)

A tool that interprets and transforms raw data and templates into a directory with plain HTML pages and static assets. In other words, an SSG automates the task of coding individual HTML pages and prepares those pages in advance for serving to users.



The process of customizing the apperance of a store by using CSS stylesheets known as themes.


Collections of configurable design tokens that define the look and feel of the store's UI


(VTEX) Headless CMS

VTEX Headless CMS is a no-code management system for creating, editing and publishing web pages. It delivers content data to headless applications through an intermediary data layer decoupled from the frontend.