🎉 We are thrilled to introduce FastStore v2. If you are looking for documentation of the previous version of FastStore, please refer to FastStore v1.

Cart Sidebar

The CartSidebar displays the summary of items added to the cart along with detailed information, and checkout option.

The final component is a compound of the following:

  • CartSidebar: renders a SlideOver as wrapper with the CartSidebarList and CartSidebarFooter.
  • CartSidebarList: wraps a series of CartItems and Gifts.
  • CartSidebarFooter: wraps an OrdeSummary usually along with the Checkout Button.


Import the component from @faststore/ui

import { CartSidebar, CartSidebarList, CartSidebarFooter } from '@faststore/ui'

Import Styles into your FastStore project

To apply the styles of this component in your FastStore project, import the following into your stylesheet:

@import '@faststore/ui/src/components/organisms/CartSidebar/styles.scss';
@import '@faststore/ui/src/components/molecules/Alert/styles.scss';
@import '@faststore/ui/src/components/atoms/Badge/styles.scss';

Follow the instructions in the Importing FastStore UI component styles tutorial.



testIdstringID to find this component in testing tools (e.g.: cypress, testing-library, and jest).fs-cart-sidebar
titlestringTitle for the CartSidebar component.Your Cart
direction"leftSide" | "rightSide"Represents the side that the CartSidebar comes from.rightSide
size"full" | "partial"Represents the size of the CartSidebar.partial
totalItems*numberTotal of item in the Cart.
alertIconstring | number | false | true | ReactElement<any, string | JSXElementConstructor<any>> | Iterable<ReactNode> | ReactPortalA React component that will be rendered as an icon on the Alert component.
alertTextstringThe content for Alert component.
overlayPropsPropsProps forwarded to the `Overlay` component.
onClose*() => voidFunction called when Close Button is clicked.

Design Tokens

Local tokenDefault value/Global token linked

Nested Elements


Local tokenDefault value/Global token linked


Local tokenDefault value/Global token linked
--fs-cart-sidebar-footer-box-shadow0 0 6px rgb(0 0 0 / 20%)






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