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Icon Button

Icon Buttons are icons that trigger some sort of action, such as adding an item to the cart.



Import the component from @faststore/ui

import { IconButton } from '@faststore/ui'

Import Styles

import '@faststore/ui/src/components/atoms/Button/styles.scss'


<IconButton icon={<Icon name="ShoppingCart" />} aria-label="Buy" />


testIdstringID to find this component in testing tools (e.g.: cypress, testing library, and jest).fs-icon-button
icon*string | number | false | true | ReactElement<any, string | JSXElementConstructor<any>> | ReactFragment | ReactPortalA React component that will be rendered as an icon.
aria-label*stringA Label should be provided.
variant"primary" | "secondary" | "tertiary"Specifies the component color variant.
size"small" | "regular"Specifies the size variant.regular
inversefalse | trueDefines the use of inverted colors.
disabledfalse | trueSpecifies that this button should be disabled.
loadingfalse | trueBoolean that represents a loading state.
loadingLabelstringSpecifies a label for loading state.
iconPosition"left" | "right"Specifies where the icon should be positioned


For further customization, you can use the following data attributes:


This component inherits Button CSS selectors and styles.

Best practices

✅ Do's

  • Use icon-only buttons only for widespread actions with highly standardized icons, such as a cross for close.
  • Use the aria-label attribute to provide a textual alternative for icon-only buttons.

❌ Don'ts

  • Don't rely on icons to communicate complex actions.