🎉 We are thrilled to introduce FastStore v2. If you are looking for documentation of the previous version of FastStore, please refer to FastStore v1.


This feature improves the store's experience and perceived performance through loading placeholders.

Skeletons are like an element's or section's wireframe. It's a placeholder that simulates the layout of these elements/sections while data is being loaded.

Instead of showing a blank page, displaying Skeletons while loading content makes the user feel like the store is more responsive and faster.

Also by using Skeletons the store will be less likely to experience Cumulative Layout Shilf (or CLS) (opens in a new tab).



Import the component from @faststore/ui

import { Skeleton } from '@faststore/ui'

Import Styles into your FastStore project

To apply the styles of this component in your FastStore project, import the following into your stylesheet:

@import '@faststore/ui/src/components/atoms/Skeleton/styles.scsss';

Follow the instructions in the Importing FastStore UI component styles tutorial.


<Skeleton size={{ width: '200px', height: '80px' }} borderRadius="32px" />


testIdstringID to find this component in testing tools (e.g.: cypress, testing library, and jest).fs-skeleton
loadingfalse | trueControl whether skeleton should be visible or not.true
shimmerfalse | trueControl whether the shimmer effect should be displayed or not.true
size*SizeSpecifies the skeleton element size (width, height).
border"regular" | "pill" | "circle"Specifies the skeleton element border radius ('regular' | 'pill' | 'circle').
borderRadiusstringCustom border radius for skeleton elements.

Design Tokens

Local tokenDefault value/Global token linked

Nested Elements


Local tokenDefault value/Global token linked
rgb(255 255 255 / 20%)
0 0 var(--fs-spacing-5) var(--fs-spacing-5) var(--fs-skeleton-shimmer-bkg-color)


For further customization, you can use the following data attributes: