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Beta Program Overview

Welcome to the VTEX IO FastStore, WebOps, and VTEX Headless CMS Beta Program, a program that gives you everything you need to build, ship, and evolve headless shopping experiences, blazing-fast by design.

The program is still only accessible to selected customers, yet you can start exploring the new technologies before we move to Open Beta. Click here to get started.

Timeline, scope, and developer actions

The FastStore, WebOps, and Headless CMS Beta Program has been running since January of 2022, and it's expected to continue throughout 2022 and the first half of 2023.

Divided into three key milestones, the first stage is formed by an MVP-quality release of the three technologies for selected customers, as well as the initiation of a developer preview where partners and technical teams can explore the new technologies and give feedback.

During the Closed Beta stage, the VTEX team will be gradually inviting more customers to test it. Click here to know how to add a customer to the waiting list.

The program is expected to move to an Open Beta availability in 2023, as the focus shifts toward platform stability and accelerated onboarding and setup. During the Open Beta, any customer interested in joining the program will be accepted — as well as any SI or developers looking to use it in their next project are recommended to do so. Still, feedback and issues reporting will remain available as we act on gaps prior to the General Availability release.

Release dates for the Open Beta and General Availability will be defined as the program evolves, and dates will be updated to this page as they become available.

StageScopeDeveloper actions
Closed betaFastStore MVP-quality release: Initial high-performing storefront implementation coverage. Entry-level components, SDK and APIs;

WebOps and Headless CMS MVP-quality release: Initial system scalability and reliability coverage when deploying and measuring changes;

Documentation and Developer Preview: First documentation release and community engagement for rapid evolution and issues response.
Explore the new technologies;

Give feedback on the recent releases;

Suggest customers for the closed beta.
Open betaBeta-quality release: Initial beta-quality release for FastStore, WebOps, and Headless CMS to early adopters who enroll in the Beta program;

Faster onboarding: Faster and simpler onboarding, from discovery to first deploy;

Platform stability with lower SLA;

Product support and training: enablement of internal teams and SIs to implement and support stores using the new technologies.
Select and implement with customers willing to be early adopters;

Give feedback on the recent releases;

Support existing customers.
General AvailabilityBreadth of functionalities: ~80% of use cases coverage out-of-the-box;

Platform stability with default SLA;

Migration guidelines for customers using Portal.
Migrate customers from Portal;

Implement with new customers.

What's included in the Developer Preview?

FastStore open-source toolkit (UI, SDK, and API);

Starters, i.e., templates maintained by the FastStore team and the FastStore community;

In-progress documentation.
Deploy of a store in a live environment with WebOps;

Integration with the VTEX Headless CMS.

Customer support for issues and bugs;

Keeping up-to-date

We continuously launch incremental improvements to our products. To keep track of the recent updates, please follow our Release Notes page. To ask questions and get up to speed with everything related to the FastStore, WebOps and Headless CMS Beta Program, join our Office Hours.

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