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Feedback and issue tracking

Our team works hard to ensure that our releases are stable, but there is no way we could do it without members of our developer community providing feedback on upcoming builds.

How to give feedback

General: For general feedback related to FastStore and its related products, please join our Office Hours or submit your questions in the VTEX Community.

Documentation: If you find any issues related to the FastStore documentation, please submit your feedback via the "Was this helpful?" button located in the article's right column. For general documentation suggestions, send your feedback via this form. Notice that, when giving your feedback, it is always ideal that you provide your contact information so our team can reach out to you in case of doubts.

How to report an issue

Follow our Troubleshooting guides.

Check the Issue Tracker for existing bugs.

Look for related Community topics.
Is it a known unresolved issue?;
Vote for the Issue Tracker entry.

Is it a known issue?
Open an Issue with a minimal reproduction project.
Was the issue already reported, but you want to ensure your case will be addressed in a future fix?;
Open an Issue with a minimal reproduction project and contact the VTEX team.

Is there an existing Community topic about the issue?
Join the conversation. If not, start a new topic referencing your GitHub issue.

Assess the situation

If you run into an issue while developing with FastStore, the first thing to do is check our Troubleshooting guides and verify if you are facing a bug from FastStore/WebOps or a mistake on your side.

If you detect a problem in FastStore, you should then check whether it is a known issue or if you're the first experiencing it.

Primary actions

If you detect an issue in a FastStore package, the place to go is our Issue Tracker. There, you can look for issues that have already been reported, vote, and comment on them. Doing so will help our team prioritize which tasks to address first.

If you detect the issue is related to the Starter being used, please consider checking the Starter's Issue Tracker on its corresponding GitHub repository.

The VTEX Community is the following resource you should check. There, you can join conversations with other FastStore developers, find workarounds for issues, and share your own discoveries. Just make sure that the concerns you bring up are pertinent to the current beta, and avoid grouping unrelated problems into a single topic.

Secondary actions

If you don't find anything related to your issue, then you should report it via our Issue Tracker. For issues related to the Starter, please consider opening an Issue on the Starter's corresponding GitHub repository. After submitting a report, we suggest you create a Community topic describing the problem you've found and including a link to your issue. This will enable others to inform themselves and share their own experiences.

Providing the steps to reproduce the issue

List all the steps necessary to replicate the issue. These instructions should allow the person reading your bug report to reproduce your problem with minimal effort.

You can also create a minimal reproduction demo of the bug, containing only what is necessary for our team to isolate the issue and deliver a fix faster.

Didn't find your answers? Ask the Community. For documentation suggestions, submit your feedback.