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Closed Beta Program

FastStore, WebOps & Headless CMS

Discover a new way to build, manage and evolve lighting-fast storefronts on VTEX.


Now available for selected customers

VTEX IO FastStore, WebOps, and VTEX Headless CMS are now available for selected customers. People from all around the world can already preview and test the new technologies before their release in Open Beta. Understand the new technologies and explore our starters.

Program timeline

DISCLAIMER: All dates are subject to change.

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What's new

Explore the new capabilities

Discover how FastStore, WebOps, and Headless CMS can help developers and marketing teams build and manage faster storefronts.

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What changes

Understand the behavior changes

Learn what is changing and what is new in comparison to Store Framework and other VTEX solutions for storefront implementation

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What to expect from a Beta

Like any Beta Program, a restricted group of selected customers will have early access to new features and use a set of products still under development. However, it's important to remember that the experience in a Beta Program might not be as smooth and self-service as using the final version of a product.

Currently, our program is in Closed Beta, meaning it's only available for selected customers. Once all scheduled key capabilities are thoroughly tested and included, our Open Beta phase will start. Over this period, there will be multiple Beta releases, each of which will be an improvement over the previous version.

Beta activities

We count on you as a member of the Beta Program to help us gather helpful insights and feedback regarding performance, usability, and new capabilities. Check some of our Beta Activities below to understand how you can help us develop better solutions and fix issues affecting your projects' development.

Reporting issues and giving feedback

Help the FastStore team gather helpful insights and feedback about new features.

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Inviting customers

Bring in new customers to FastStore and help them increase their sales conversion rate.

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Who can join the Closed Beta Program?

Since support from our product team is closer and therefore limited to a maximum number of customers during the Closed Beta, only clients who have been chosen from our waiting list can join the Closed Beta Program.

What does it cost to participate in the closed beta program?

For VTEX customers, there is no additional cost to participate in the Closed Beta Program. New customers must check our subscription plans.

When will the release be available for all customers?

The program is expected to move to an Open Beta availability in 2023.

Can I use another CMS or deployment solution along with FastStore?

Yes, as FastStore is an open-source, headless, Jamstack solution. However, implementing a non-VTEX solution is the customer's responsibility and must be agreed upon with the third party. VTEX does not assume any responsibility for the project implementation in these cases.

What is the level of support to Closed Beta customers?

During the Closed Beta, customers and partners have direct support from the VTEX product team with a lower SLA. As we move to Open Beta, support will roll into the standard VTEX support cycle.

Why did VTEX decide to create a new product for storefront implementation?

Highly customized stores need an architecture specifically focused on performance. We decided to rely on open-source frameworks to give more flexibility so that development teams could optimize performance in minor details.

Can I sell the new products to new merchants?

We recommend not offering the technology to new customers during the Closed Beta. During this phase, support from the product team is closer and therefore limited to a maximum number of customers.

Can I publish content and success stories about the new products?

Yes, but while the product is in Closed Beta, the content must be reviewed by the VTEX team before being published. In case of publication without deliberation, we recommend unpublishing the content until a new assessment.

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